plunge ahead

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She decided, as she often does when she's feeling uncertain, to plunge ahead, despite the fact that her book casts an idealistic light on their marriage and barely alludes to its demise.
If in pursuit of your destination, you plunge ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing more than to swing in a swamp, what's the use of knowing True North?
But it's the show's willingness to simultaneously plummet into dark places, plunge ahead with social commentary, and provide pitch-dark satire, that makes watching it such an exciting experience.
In this issue we see several scientific ideas ready to plunge ahead with better observing and modeling, whether to explain sea ice loss in the Arctic, to resolve the water vapor and convection relationships in the tropics, to get a better picture of the boundary layer, or to pull together disparate scales of motion governing mesoscale prediction.
Another candidate, and perhaps the next president, could plunge ahead with things whether answering reporters' questions or wading into the world's problems.
he was a Pricewiseinspired plunge ahead of that Newcastle handicap, but is rated the rank outsider in Saturday's Group 1 at a general 40-1.
Fraser Hof has used the backdrop of the successful Chemistry Department at the University of Victoria to plunge ahead in establishing connections with companies and is enthusiastic about NSERC's support.
Don't plunge ahead in a business venture or career gamble just on the basis of home front encouragement.
Don't plunge ahead with a risky relationship matter.
I'm no geologist, but it seems to me someone should be asking geologists these kinds of questions before we plunge ahead with massive extraction of the earths heat.
There are times when you're on the outskirts -- of people, situations, or stories -- and you know that to plunge ahead means your heart may get a little broken.
Aligning this to satisfy business imperatives that are growing by leaps and bounds will give customers and partners the confidence they need to plunge ahead.