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When prosecuted, Ali was fined pounds 188 for illegally plying for hire, pounds 188 for having no insurance and received six penalty points.
Illegally plying for hire invalidates vehicle insurance and touting was made a criminal offence in 1994.
The driver was charged with plying for hire and having invalid insurance for the journey.
Instead drivers will have to sit a short test to prove they know what they can and can't do - no plying for hire folks - and have a decent grasp of English.
Barbara Firms will also be marked down if drivers on their books are cautioned or prosecuted for offences such as plying for hire.
There were one conviction for plying for hire without a Hackney carriage licence in Middlesbrough and four convictions for taxi touting.
Mohammed Amin Shafi, 46, of Rhydypenea Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to owning a taxi which was plying for hire without displaying the "for hire" sign and fined PS50.
The private-hire driver admitted charges of plying for hire and using a vehicle without insurance.
Anyone who applied for a licence but admitted they wouldn't be plying for hire in Northumberland would be likely to be refused.
ANOTHER taxi driver has been convicted of illegally plying for hire by picking up a fare on the wrong side of the River Tyne.
You only have to take a look outside the Transport Museum in Hales Street and you will regularly see up to 10 taxis parked up on double yellow lines and on the bus stops, blatantly plying for hire illegally.
They have been plying for hire on the mainland and selling guns for knock-down prices.