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Mazhar Raza, 35, of Clarendon Road, Thornaby, fined PS540 with PS254 costs for using a vehicle without insurance and plying for hire without an appropriate licence.
When prosecuted, Ali was fined pounds 188 for illegally plying for hire, pounds 188 for having no insurance and received six penalty points.
We tell them if they have been caught driving too fast or illegally plying for hire then don't come to us.
Mohsin Allahi Bashir, 22, of Middleton Avenue, Fenham, Newcastle pleaded guilty by letter to plying for hire outside of his licensed area and of operating without proper insurance.
They have been plying for hire on the mainland and selling guns for knock-down prices.
I did not see one taxi plying for hire adjacent to the station.
Teesside magistrates heard that Shamim Hejaz Shaffi was caught plying for hire in Stockton during a taxi enforcement operation by Stockton Trading Standards and Cleveland Police's road policing unit.
The report says: "The operation consisted of plain clothed Police Officers posing as potential customers and awaiting licensed private hire drivers approaching them and offering to convey them without a prior booking, thus committing an offence of plying for hire and driving without insurance.
He had previously been convicted of illegally plying for hire, but not for operating without valid insurance.
This would eliminate unlawful plying for hire by private hire vehicles and would benefit the travelling public who simply want properly regulated taxis, something that other European countries seem to have embraced many years ago.
The current arrangements mean hackney cabs licensed in, for example, Blyth Valley are prevented from plying for hire or picking up fares at ranks in neighbouring Wansbeck.
Two private-hire drivers from Liverpool and three from Knowsley were charged with plying for hire, with associated insurance offences.