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Cheetahs may still become extinct because poverty forces some people in African countries to poach the same wildlife that cheetahs prey on.
8 poached eggs (To poach eggs, break four at a time into a medium skillet of boiling water with a couple of tablespoons champagne vinegar in it and a dash of salt.
Add pears, sauternes and cinnamon, reduce heat and poach gently for approximately five minutes until pears are al dente but soft enough to be pierced easily with a knife.
While a poach can be attempted anywhere on the court, it is usually effected by the server's partner intercepting the return of serve.
When VSL estimates of this magnitude are included in the theoretical model, it becomes apparent that people are unlikely to poach even in situations where the risk of detection is relatively small.
Throw in the gooseberries, and poach these for about five minutes, until the berries are just about to pop, and nicely softened.