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The country, which has the largest elephant population in Africa, has previously been a haven for elephants with "little poaching reported" the report said, noting that researchers had not observed any poached carcasses in a 2014 survey.
The first year on the graph that the number of poached rhinos in South Africa reached 1,000 was--.
From poached eggs let me move to political poaching, that seems to be the flavour of the season.
According to official figures, the number of rhinos killed annually in South Africa, which is home to around 75 percent of the continent's rhino population, has increased by a dismaying 9,000 percent since 2007--from 13 animals poached that year to a record 1,215 in 2014.
In Zimbabwe last year, it's reported that at least 50 rhinos were poached, an increase of more than 100% compared to the previous year.
Jane, by email Dear Jane Yes, this can be a neat way to make a poached egg.
Last year, violators were assessed a total of $143,000 in reimbursements for the value of the animals they poached. There's no question the changes made a difference.
* 30 percent of WCS satellite-collared elephants are estimated to have been poached in the past year
"By spreading the message about poaching, I hope you can be part of a movement that says no to poached ivory and rhino horn, and other animal parts.
In addition to musk deer bear is also one of the most poached wild animals in Bhutan.
China has demonstrated that it can stem demand and poaching - after an estimated 8 percent of the African elephant population was poached in 2011, China cracked down and poaching went down for 2012.
The slaughter of both white and black rhinos has soared in six years, as 13 rhinos were poached in 2007, while the number rose to 1,004 in 2013.