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"I suppose you would call me a poacher," answered the man; and his voice was something of a surprise coming from such a scarecrow; it had that hard fastidiousness to be found in those who have made a fight for their own refinement among rough surroundings.
"Because keeping hens is rather a mild amusement for a poacher? What about poaching eggs?"
"Because I am not a poacher," cried Adam, in a rending voice that rang round the hollow shrines and urns like the echoes of his gun.
The poacher had recovered a grim composure as he replied.
"Probably you are the poacher who says he isn't a poacher.
I would cut up a big estate like this into small estates for everybody, even for poachers. I would do in England as they did in Ireland--buy the big men out, if possible; get them out, anyhow.
'But one of our staff is currently undergoing surgery because one poacher shot at him during a night patrol duty because he was preventing the person from carrying out his task,' Mr.
The supposed would-be poacher is not a physician, has no expertise in the field of public health or insurance and is known to be combative and undiplomatic.
THE story wasn't subtle: A poacher attempting to hunt endangered rhinoceroses in South Africa's Kruger National Park last week was instead trampled to death by an elephant and eaten by a pride of lions.
Realising she was being filmed by two of our female members, the poacher launched a vicious attack in order to take the phone," Cabs said.
CARLOW football boss Turlough O'Brien has received a massive boost with the news that coach Stephen Poacher is staying on for 2019.
He said that eight Laggar falcons were also recovered from three poachers besides tape recorders from one poacher which he was using to air quail sound to attract quails.