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Mr Williams was the first to fall in with the poacher and an EXCITING STRUGGLE ensued, the poacher having a gun in his hand, and being thereby enabled to deal his assailant one or two severe blows.
The Report A Poacher program helps ensure Albertas wide variety of wildlife species and diverse landscapes are protected for future generations.
The central African country is desperate to stop poachers slaughtering its rare forest elephants, 36,000 of which have been killed in the past 10 years.
In Gabon, shameless extremist groups are butchering rare forest elephants in a gold rush to fund their activities all across Africa with poachers selling the ivory for PS65 per 1lb to the Asian black market through a wide connection of ports in Dar es Salaam and Mombasa.
The poacher of the impala did not return to claim his prize.
In this compelling documentary, reporter Evan Williams travels to South Africa to meet the 26 women from villages around Kruger National Park, who have bravely signed up to protect these creatures from poachers.
Establishing the link between poachers and terrorists, the state authorities, in response to an RTI application, have accepted that the Karbi People's Liberation Tigers ( KPLT), an extremist outfit, was actively involved in the poaching of rhinos and trade of its horns.
In July 2010, three forest rangers heard gun shots in the mountains of Dena National Park, which turned out to be a poacher at work.
While the commando was still receiving medical attention some 50 minutes later the poacher opened fire again, killing an ambulance driver and leaving a second policeman injured.
As law enforcing agencies are combating poachers who kill for both commercial reasons as well as to appease hunger, Botswana is yet to prosecute a commercial poacher.
Kenya Wildlife Service rangers shot and killed three suspected poachers in a national park in the latest in a series of poacher killings amid a rise in elephant deaths, an official said.
One poacher who appealed his conviction has not only this month had it upheld, but had an additional pounds 400 added to his costs.