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Near a mockup of the barn in which the company was started 62 years ago are the reminders of dozens of groundbreaking inventions over the years, such as the pocket calculator, one of many market-making technologies that propelled the company to a current market value of $58 billion.
It is simple, quantitative, intuitive, and predictive - no more than a pocket calculator is needed to calculate it.
Make sure that you know exactly what sterling is worth against your holiday currency and take a pocket calculator so that you never get tripped up on the true cost of purchases abroad.
It might be worth taking a pocket calculator along to this match to help keep a count of the goals
The incredibly rare 700-year-old quadrant was the pocket calculator of the 14th Century and a lot more too.
Designs which just failed to make the shortlist include the E-Type Jaguar, the mini-skirt, the pocket calculator, the Raleigh Chopper and the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album from the Beatles.
The Chemcode pocket calculator is said to simplify daily laboratory routine.
What makes the CALORIE CRUNCHER(TM) so unique is that it is the only portable pocket calculator available which allows you to match food choices to how much time it takes to burn the calories selected to eat.
If you need to add up a long list of figures and you've lost your pocket calculator, try asking your nan.
Nowadays, if scouts talk about his five tools, they mean a laptop computer, a pocket calculator, a thesaurus, a scorebook and a hotel pen.
Find a solution with your pocket calculator With intelligent manipulation, you can almost always make the numbers come out in support of your selling proposition.
And he has no idea who'll work out the tax on the player's wages or the gate money from the tie - because the PAYE man's downed his pocket calculator until he gets back pay as well.