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And we already have more special-purpose computers than we realize, from pocket calculators, organizers, and even translators to microprocessor-controlled video cameras.
Question: On whose pocket calculator are the negatives punched?
Another example: a shamaness fashioned out of wood a small pocket calculator, which she no doubt first saw in the so-called department store being used by a Chinese merchant.
Targeting children 6-12 years of age, the Firefly phone is about the size of a small pocket calculator, weighs only two ounces, and is designed to fit a kid's hand.
One pocket calculator estimate yesterday put that at nearly pounds 320 billion, or some pounds 77,000 for every Irish man woman and child and double Ireland's Gross Domestic Product.
Our Spidey-sense, and a few punches on our handy pocket calculator, tells us that's a 27 percent increase.
Let me give you an example, based on a few hours research and the use of a pocket calculator.
n The iconic electric tricycle was the brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair, who also invented the pocket calculator and kick-started the UK's home computer boom with the ZX81 and the Sinclair Spectrum
Enough "mud power" was obtained in the experiment to operate a pocket calculator.
Moving from the Internet to vBNS is like moving from a pocket calculator to a personal desktop computer,'' said McBryan, a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Members can then access the Out of Pocket Calculator and the other member resources provided for choosing and using health plans and dealing with out-of-pocket costs, including free member e-newsletters.
There was a lot of twiddling with a pocket calculator, followed by a full resume of what we could expect and yet more information about ClassyPlas.