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The fossorial lifestyle of the southeastern pocket gopher suggests soil characteristics also may be important in defining suitable habitat.
bursarius gopher burrows and will venture into close proximity to the resident pocket gopher given that in both instances each species was collected in the same burrow.
californicus) and Botta's pocket gophers (Thomomys bottae) from several locations in California to the National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, for use in separate laboratory studies.
In September 2012, a disturbed dry sand prairie on the east flank of Devil's Tower was searched for plains pocket gopher mounds.
Since the program's inception, the JBLM ACUB has acquired 1,025 acres (415 ha) of new conservation land, conducted ongoing restoration of these lands and 3,222 acres (1,303 ha) that were already in conservation status, and reintroduced Taylor's checkerspots and Mazama pocket gophers onto several ACUB properties.
A new pocket gopher (Genus Thomomys) from eastern Colorado.
Pocket gopher mound area and abundance in the grassland were highest during the rainy season in February [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 4A, B OMITTED], which coincided with the dispersal of A.
Two highly differentiated subspecies of pocket gopher, Thomomys bottae connectens and T.
All mouth and no heart, people say of pocket gophers.
Likewise, Best (1973) documented a 29 km gap between populations of Botta's pocket gopher (Thomomys bottae) and C.
We assigned age-categories to specimens of pocket gopher based on reproductive condition and, when necessary, size.