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PURSE. In Turkey the sum of five hundred dollars is called a purse. Merch. Dict. h.t.

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Coulson," he said, closing his pocketbook, "that the murder was committed for the purpose of robbery?
Receiving the copy from him, she felt mechanically in her apron for her pocketbook.
The next moment he trotted into the drawing-room with Isabel's pocketbook in his mouth.
She knelt as she picked up the pocketbook, and raised her playfellow of happier days to take her leave of him.
My pocketbook is stuffed with the old coinage, and it's a stubborn thing.
When he was dressed, Stepan Arkadyevitch sprinkled some scent on himself, pulled down his shirt-cuffs, distributed into his pockets his cigarettes, pocketbook, matches, and watch with its double chain and seals, and shaking out his handkerchief, feeling himself clean, fragrant, healthy, and physically at ease, in spite of his unhappiness, he walked with a slight swing on each leg into the dining-room, where coffee was already waiting for him, and beside the coffee, letters and papers from the office.
The man smiled as he tore leaf from his pocketbook and a made a few notes.
Joe was to become capable very soon of turning out pictures that old gentlemen with thin side-whiskers and thick pocketbooks would sandbag one another in his studio for the privilege of buying.
In fact, quite a few people collectively relieved my distress and panic on Veterans Day, when I absent-mindedly left my pocketbook in the 1069 Main St.
Chad Valley have created the Playtime Pocketbook, an online guide designed by parents, which includes 100 playtime tips.
According to Enrico Muller, Sales Manager of Pocketbook Readers GmbH, CoverReader is a highly anticipated product on the market, that is why the company plans to expand the line of smartphone CoverReaders for such brands as HTC, Sony, and Samsung.
The Titanic Pocketbook is a unique guide to all aspects of this great ship, incorporating authentic period literature from sources including White Star Line themselves, Harland & Wolff shipyards, and important publications from the period.