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Although busy touring after the 2012 release of her 6th album, A Pocketful of Purpose, Conya Doss regularly infuses philanthropy into the busy life of an artist, mom, and mentor.
Some of the younger members of the cast of A Pocketful of Songs: Josh Jones, aged 11, Faye Cartwright, aged 12, Charles Jeynes, aged 13, Chelsea Sudlow, aged 13 and George Hancox, aged eight, are pictured with Mr McGee and Graham Howes from CCC.
A Pocketful of Magic involves the telling of magical tales from Wales, Scotland and Nepal.
The collection titled 'A Pocketful of Posies' had girly colours like white, pink, peach, yellow, blue and grey.
Staff at the customer service centre in St Mellons and Welsh Water's headquarters in Nelson have taken part in the Pocketful of Presents campaign for eight years.
I now rifle loose change from my own son's money box, or salvage it from under sofas, and waddle with a pocketful of coins that form a grapefruit-sized bulge in my trousers.
But rest assured shame comes to anyone who takes the bread out of the mouths of children for greed and a pocketful of gold.
It's been six years since San Francisco Ballet appeared at City Center, and this time they are bringing a pocketful of gold.
A pocketful of history; four hundred years of America--one state quarter at a time.
Written by attorney Jim Noles, A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America--One State Quarter at a Time is a treasury for history trivia buffs and coin collectors alike, as it relates how each of the fifty commemorative state quarters celebrates American history.
A Pocketful of Sound: A Quick-Start and Buyer's Guide to Accessible Book and Music Players, by Anna Dresner, describes and compares Talking Book players and related software, including the Zen Stone, iPod, Rockbox, Olympus DS series, Victor Reader Stream, Icon, and others.
Aoude and his companion allegedly swore at him, threw a pocketful of change at him, and taunted Buzzy by barking and yelling at him.