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Pococurante's curmudgeonly demolition of the greats in the arts and literature reminds one of George Jochnowitz's lively series of essays, which, though diverse in nature, are linked by the author's iconoclasm, independence of thought, his searching views on Israel and Zionism, and the charmingly irritating habit he has of calling a spade a spade and not an agricultural instrument.
The eighth-grader--who plays violin and likes Latin, math, and science--won the prestigious competition by spelling the word "pococurante" correctly.
As a reward for correctly spelling "pococurante," a word that suggests nonchalance, Gunturi walked away with a trophy, $12,000, a new encyclopedia set and other gifts.
At the end of nearly nine hours of grueling final-round competition on May 29th, Sai emerged the winner after correctly spelling "pococurante," a word that suggests nonchalance or indifference.