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Ammonites characteristic of this biozone are recorded in Ricla and Aguilon within the Callovian-Oxfordian transition level (= Arroyofrio Bed) preserved as reelaborated elements, hence characterising the Poculum Taxorrecord.
Ammonite content inside this level is a condensed association including several reelaborated, topologically-successive ammonite associations, which characterize successively the Collotiformis, Poculum, lower Bukowskii (= Claromontanus: Melendez et al.
Smithers(9) drew attention to additional parallels for Eve's biter drync in order to postulate a broader distribution of the poculum mortis topos in works outside Germanic and Anglo-Latin.
While in vernacular heroic texts the drink of death usually denotes a warrior's fall in battle,(13) Christian writers use the metaphor to convey a wide range of meanings, carrying associations with the outpouring of God's wrath, the cup of Christ's passion, the calix ruinae of Isaiah 51: 17, the poculum furoris of Jeremiah 25: 15, the Whore of Babylon's cup of abominations in Apocalypse 17: 4, and other biblical images richly developed in patristic and medieval literature.
Poculum small and rarely somewhat larger than basal portion of sternum IX, often specialised.
However, the large poculum of males, which is noticeably larger than the basal portion of sternum IX, the conspicuous shape of the subgenital plate of females as well as the basal position of the stigmata of abdominal tergum VIII in both sexes distinguish Litosermyle from all other genera of Eusermyleformia (Conle, Hennemann & Gutierrez 2011).
Poculum of male bulgy, roundly convex and cup-like in basal portion; posterior margin either not reaching to apex of anal segment and with two terminal teeth (Jeremiodes and Jeremia) or with a long tube-like or spatulate posterior appendage which greatly extends over the apex of the abdomen (Cladomorphus and Otocraniella).