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Overall, almost 40% of Chinese scholars engage in comparative poetics by taking poetics as literary theory in general whereas 10% of them deal with poetic techniques.
Rouget's edition of Magny's Odes situates their principal interest in their contributions to contemporary poetic debates: for example, to the dispute surrounding the value of the Petrarchan cult of the unique lady.
These poetic tensions simmer along the recesses of the territory that the collection explores: New World, American, Black.
Gidal's method is to juxtapose, move between, and bring into direct opposition museum guidebooks, parliamentary debates on the function of the museum, contemporary accounts of the experience of the museum, and a range of poetic texts concerned in various ways with 'the perception of material objects and the reflective creation of individual and collective identities' (p.
More specifically in terms of representation, Haddad examines the "aesthetic compromise" (2002, 55) with neoclassicism reached by Hugo in Les Orientales and the parodic orientalism with which Musset responded to Hugo and challenged mimesis in "Namouna: conte oriental," Hugo offered orientalism as a poetic methodology, an intellectual mode of engagement, that asserted the Orient as a proper subject for poetry.
Under the partnership, Provectus and POETIC will jointly focus on paediatric applications of the former's PV-10 as a potential treatment for childhood cancers.
We're absolutely thrilled with how well Poetic License has been received and what we have been able to achieve in a relatively short space of time," says Mark Hird.
According to The Routledge Dictionary of Literary Terms, in modern usage poetics refers to "the general theory of literature" (Childs and Fowler 179) and its purpose is to identify the literariness or the "essence" of literature.
Smith's proposal for a poetics of limit rehabilitates elements of formalist hermeneutics in order to awaken appreciation for how literary art discloses the ontological value of the formal (ontic) poetic elements ingredient in it.
Broken Souths: Latina/o Poetic Responses to Neoliberalism and Globalization.
Since the preoccupations of the creacionista poem are not nationally or linguistically bound, but focus instead on the poetic "event"--the "creation" of a poetic object as an object of nature--translation results in a sine qua non for inherent universality, multinationality and multilingual dimension of Creacionismo.
The author contends that political ideology influences poetry and poetic imagination in various ways, particularly at the time of political struggles, as is the case of Darwish.