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For the most part, however, Keiser's librettist, Lukas von Bostel, underlines the poignance of the story--both the pain and sadness of the two young lovers and the dire circumstances of Croesus.
For this was no joke; it was an odd instant of poignance, a sort of anointing with sweaty thumbs of the man who, we liked to think, had given us this tiny wooden stage on which to slice through the air and be young and vigorous and supple and joyous.
On "Two Doors Down" she embraces the innate joy of the composition while adding a subtle poignance that is both suitable to her soulful nature and appropriate to the lyrics.
In roles that range from the regal Titania of A Midsummer Night's Dream to the lethal predator of The Cage, from the sinuous Coffee in The Nutcracker to the broken lines of Agon, from the poignance of Odette in Swan Lake to the powerful geometry of Red Angels, Whelan dances with a breathtaking energy and daring.
share but which have the poignance of a road not taken.
Salmon's conclusion--that Ball's "bland assertion [in the final scene]--unsubstantiated by either historical fact or contemporary events--that despite everything the 'Fellowship of Man shall endure' simply lacks credibility"--unfortunately seems to me to undervalue the poignance as well as deliberate counterfactuality of Ball's evocation of a socialist as well as secular kingdom of ends.
Then the poet tries to resolve the loss in a moment of emotional poignance or wry acceptance that renders the entire lyric event an evocative metaphor for some general sense of mystery about the human condition.
Like the millennium bug, which lost its thorny poignance because we heard about it every fifteen seconds, we grow tired of the word e-business because no one ever talks about it without waxing banal.
She married rodeo rider Charlie Battles the same year and they divorced acrimoniously 11 years later, giving hits such as I Know How He Feels, and New Fool At An Old Game extra poignance.
His review of Zona Gale's Faint Perfume, for instance, opens, "A mild and somewhat passive sensitivity in contact with life's innocuous commonplaces yields two primary states: a poignance, and an awareness proportioned to the degree of sensitivity.
The description of Sita as the archetype of Hindu womanhood is moving for its economy and poignance.
Improbably, Burns refuses to play the scene for easy laughs, seeking instead a tone that balances poignance with something approaching empathy for Stewart's plight.