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economies of loss cartographies of discontent map our distance a series of narrows / fully seamed gaps lapse into-- long-distance reclamation projects I grew up in coastal Southern California and so this book speaks to me with a special poignance. When Sprague writes of television news anchors reporting celebrity gossip as hot news, I laugh in recognition.
With a certain poignance and reverence of the interconnection of everything, "Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno" is a solid and choice pick for poetry collections.
Everyone here gets an A for effort, despite the fact that not everyone can sing with the heartbreaking poignance of Drew Stairs on "One Day More," as his Jean Valjean prepares to go into exile with "daughter" Cosette (Jessica Jones) on the eve of the Paris uprising.
This Lovely Life, by Vicki Forman; Expecting Adam, by Martha Beck; and Hilde Lindemann's essay, "What Child Is This?" all render the inner moral lives of their own struggling families with poignance, beauty, and courage.
As the bright, flower-printed chair has the power to gather Rosa's family together and harmonize them, so does Elana Rose Rosen's scooter lead the journey in this stunning novel, moving us around from delight to bravery, to deepest poignance, to almost unreasonable optimism, to one of the most luminous, kinetic endings I've ever read in a children's book--all because one very small child is an expert at the somersault.
"The pleasures of the Dortmunder series achieve special poignance in Get Real, as the story unfolds in the usual way: assembling the regulars--Dortmunder, Kelp, Stan the Driver and Tiny, who was introduced stealing compact cars by picking them up one at a time and loading them into the back of a moving van--in the grungy back room of the O.J.
Adding to the poignance of Teena's suffering, Bethie, lying beaten and bruised on the "filthy floor" of the boathouse (23) herself, witnesses her mother being ravished.
And Ken's words "war is still wasting precious young lives now" must have a special poignance for the loved ones of our Iraq and Afghanistan heroes.
All this is to take nothing away from Lampard - whose winner was bursting with poignance. He signalled to the heavens in tribute to his mum Pat and then aped the jig round the corner flag which his dad, Frank senior, made after scoring an FA Cup semi-final winner for West Ham against Everton in 1980.
The authors in the Ciceronian Controversies refer to these conditions, and Celio Calcagnini (On Imitation 8.4-6) decried them with particular poignance.
This situation is, of course, not independent of the critical milieu--notably (but not only) the mainstream press--where narrative is generally brutally foregrounded, is the ultimate measure, to the detriment of the formal elements that drive the prose form, that give it air, texture, poignance, relevance.
Shot by a variety of people, including Laurance, producer-helmer Jeff Stimmel and Connelly himself, "Art of Failure" is as unvarnished a portrait of an artist as one is likely to get, and the mix of desperation and resignation that surround Connelly's agreement to let himself be seen so nakedly only adds to the film's poignance.