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MEMORIAL TO THE FALLEN: Reader Alan Savage is worried that organisations seem to be trying to outdo each other and that the poignancy of the original concept will be undermined.
Isaac's microhistory delivers the raw poignancy of one patriarch's flinching outlook on the American Revolution, even as it cannot explain the full impetus behind equality or freedom in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world.
Her latest project, My Jim, is a pre-Emancipation tale that evokes the poignancy of a slave narrative.
As today is George Harrison's birthday, there is extra poignancy to get the appeal up and running.
Some of the performers on the night were adopted themselves, which will add special poignancy.
The terrorist attacks of the previous month added poignancy to his search for God's good news.
Guitar-driven bars from Haitian-American emcee Wyclef Jean's original score combine with Demme's images in some of the most moving moments since the hip-pinching poignancy of The Fugees's "Ready or Not" (albeit in a not-so-different, Creolized hip-hop register).
In fact, heterosexual desires and jealousies are so taken for granted, they underline the poignancy of the secret love between the leading characters.
The area has a long history of glass casting, so there is an obvious poignancy in returning an industrial material in a new form to the landscape.
The poignancy and importance of a handful of middle-class Iranian women rebelling by reading Nabokov is eloquently described in Reading Lolita in Tehran.
Her personal knowledge of the events which led up to the creation of the Council, and her links with many of the professional leaders give this book a distinct poignancy which makes it essential reading for all social work educators.
The 32-year-old from Bamburgh, Northumberland, said: "This expedition has a particular poignancy for me because one of my own blood relations was out on one of the original expeditions back in 1851, so it does give me a fairly unique opportunity to feel like I'm walking in his footsteps.