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b] (mg) (Greenstone & Bennet 1980), less than half of the values measured for other poikilothermic animals (Anderson 1970).
59,60) However, patients with SCI above T8 level may become poikilothermic in response to environmental cooling or heating due to the disruption of the autonomic system for thermal regulation.
Group-structured genetic models in analysis of the population and behavioral ecology of poikilothermic vertebrates.
Cultures were incubated at room temperature (21-23[degrees]C) since they came from poikilothermic reptiles.
Specific host defenses of poikilothermic animals have been suggested to be temperature dependent.
Because mollusks are poikilothermic organisms, the temperature of the water must be taken into account when evaluating oxygen consumption.
We all live in a world run by cryptorchid, poikilothermic decerebrates, but if you read this column regularly you need never feel alone again.
Fish species are poikilothermic and their feed intake, growth and metabolic responses are affected by surrounding temperature (Peres and Oliva-Teles, 1999).