point at issue

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These quarrels would almost always end in a fight between the parties, and those that whipped were supposed to have gained the point at issue. They seemed to think that the great- ness of their masters was transferable to themselves.
This compromise, which was proposed with abundance of tears and sighs, not exactly meeting the point at issue, nobody took any notice of it; and poor Mrs Nickleby accordingly proceeded to enlighten Mrs Browdie upon the advantages of such a scheme, and the unhappy results flowing, on all occasions, from her not being attended to when she proffered her advice.
Private Miles' account, that he dropped his rifle and took to his heels down the Mall because on looking up he had suddenly seen the devil between him and the moon, was not accepted by the Court, and yet it may have a direct bearing upon the point at issue. The only other evidence which I can adduce is from the log of the SS.
According to the Prime Minister, the point at issue is a fair principle which affects pensioners who have worked all their lives and current employees, they will understand how important it is to work officially and to pay contributions to the Pension Fund.
The point at issue here is truth and reality and where it escaped to.
CATTERICK: 6.35 Lady Del Sol, 7.05 Hellolini, 7.35 Point At Issue, 8.05 Select Committee, 8.35 Zaplamation, 9.05 Glennten.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 6.35 Lady Del Sol, 7.05 Hellolini, 7.35 Point At Issue, 8.05 Select Committee, 8.35 Zaplamation, 9.05 Glennten.
David Nicholls is 13-43 in claimers at Southwell in the last four seasons and he runs Point At Issue in the 2.40 That is Martin Harley's strike-rate (4-6) when riding for Alan McCabe at Southwell this season and a pounds 1 bet on all of his rides for the trainer at the course would have yielded a profit of pounds 31.
And why did no one think to ask what would have happened if, God forbid, foot and mouth or mad cow disease had been the point at issue. The question now needs to be addressed with some urgency.
The prefect Rusticus said: "Now let us come to the point at issue, which is necessary and urgent.
The point at issue, she said, was mostly over an ancient disagreement in use of theological terms.
One point at issue is the need for employers and employees to verify IT certifications in terms of qualifications and authenticity.