point of comparison

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The GPU performance is another point of comparison separating Apple from Android by a large margin.
Bruce Baker, from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, mentioned in one Neuron paper that an understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying how sensory information elicits appropriate sexual behaviors could be used as a point of comparison for how similar sexual behavior circuits are structured and function in other species.
Grenzganger, the point of commerce and comparison between Anglophone and German discourse, is also a point of comparison between literature and philosophy.
Thom's own analytic framework provides a helpful point of comparison throughout.
As a point of comparison, the turbine wheel used in the 2.
Until now we have lacked an early evolving angiosperm to provide a meaningful point of comparison for phylogenomic studies of existing model plant systems, and of the crop plants that underpin much of the European agro-economy.
As a point of comparison that's 10 quid more than a 64GB iPad 2 with 3G.
As a point of comparison, we also replicate an unconventional approach taken by other reviewers, in which MT recipients' within-group cortisol reductions are quantified as a percentage of change, despite the fact that this introduces numerous confounds not addressed by the first approach.
Yet League Tables remain a parent's best point of comparison between schools and their clearest indication that the school their child attends is progressing and performing.
In addition to demonstrating the ongoing value inherent in the ILS market, the ILS Indices provide a point of comparison with other financial market measures.
The July 2009 survey -- an index which uses New York as its base city and primary point of comparison -- found Tokyo and Osaka to be the world's most expensive cities.
and organized by the Lebanese Center for Human Rights, took the example of Cyprus as a point of comparison for Lebanon