point of concentration

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Benefits include: Carrying out the civil works necessary for the connection of the cameras to their point of concentration.
But it cannot be the sole point of concentration for Klopp, because Liverpool are still lacking something up front.
We are responsible for the transportation of the electoral material from this point of concentration till the last dispatching point to the flight.
David said: "In a way, that was useful because it gave m e a new point of concentration to work from and having a dierent voice makes you a dierent person.
MacGregor's reading was pellucid and wellweighted, delivered with a sure sense of the music's remarkable harmonic structure, and making the tiny Introduzione, sandwiched between the epic outer movements, a true focal point of concentration.
Instead of a pipe, a tower is used to create a single point of concentration that can generate tempera tures exceeding 1000[degree] F.
Therefore, the Council of Tenerife's Western Africa-Canary Islands Nap will act as a neutral data centre that not only serves as a point of concentration and distribution of international connectivity, but also as a base infrastructure for local information technology companies interested in competing overseas, or international companies that wish to operate in Western Africa using Tenerife as a platform, with the legal security afforded by location in the EU, hoping to benefit from the additional fiscal advantages associated with the Canary Islands' status as an Outermost Region.
All these call for serious reflection on this second point of concentration in recent ecumenical missiology.
As becomes ever clearer, Gray's real point of concentration is something more complex than individual facts.
As such, Mann helps the reader appreciate the context of the WCAR, and especially why progressive and anti-imperialist forces world-wide chose it as a point of concentration for a major mobilization.
And since many members of the family-owned bank had ties to the poultry industry that became a point of concentration.