point of convergence

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Among the duties of the JTGPP include the conduct of mobile and foot patrols in commercial centers, people's point of convergence and other vital installations and facilities in the city; the provision of security coverage to the airport, seaport, wharfs and other point of entry thru waterways; and the conduct of random riverine checkpoints and security patrols to deny entry of lawless elements.
This is a good opportunity to reminisce the high-profile officials' visits between the two countries aimed to build on the strong historic bilateral ties which can be termed one of the model relations binding two peoples in the world throughout the ages, both countries as the point of convergence of civilisations, the deputy PM said.
On the future of the talks, the Minister made it clear to his counterparts that the Greek Cypriot side is ready to resume the talks from the point of convergence achieved when Turkey is ready to accept lifting the intervention and guarantee rights, in order to achieve an agreement on all of the parameters of Mr Guterres in a procedure that will continue to be under the framework of the UNSGs good offices mission.
She proposes an answer by studying the copy, a unique point of convergence between these two legendary figures of the 20th century that will elucidate what it is that links their remarkable oeuvres beyond the borders of genre, country, and culture.
The Beirut Cultural festivals strive to constitute a special event befitting our ancient capital, which is deeply rooted in history, in keeping with Beirut's status as a point of convergence for civilizations and cultures, and with the capital's iconic historical, civilizational and cultural background," Lama Salam, the chair of the association, told a news conference earlier this week.
In the last two years the major public town square restored much of its liveliness and resumed its role as a point of convergence of main roads that link the various parts of the capital city.
FRB is a point of convergence between scientific actors and biodiversity stakeholders.
Yet another point of convergence between the Vietnamese textile sector and Italian textile machinery manufacturers is the level of interest expressed for training.
Unman has made this last point of convergence explicit by exhibiting paintings with silent movies looping on iPads mounted beside them.
Tests for latent and manifest squint, binocularity and testing for near point of convergence as well as near point of accommodation were done and causes of eyestrain identified.
When we took a closer look at the Latin American market, we realized that Brazil - despite it being a Portuguese- and not Spanish-speaking country - seems to be the point of convergence of this highly diverse continent," Dr.
The Heart of Sharjah has a multitude of historical and heritage sites which have outstanding historical value, as Sharjah served as a point of convergence of civilisations, a transit road for trade caravans on sea and land, and a meeting point between people and tribes," Shaikha Bodour Al Qasimi, chairperson of Shurooq, said.