point of view

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As Street's Point of View is adapted for new countries across the MENA region, ALTV's local influencers will bring the opportunity of training, insight and commercial success to aspiring content creators.
The Advanced Baseline Imager gives us one point of view, but it has 16 perspectives--16 ways of looking at the same Earth system.
From a scientific point of view, Idel does make a strong case; Eliade's point of view isn't supported by any logical or rational proof; rather he voices a series of hopes for what the other side might have in store, a hope that he nurtured during his research, but still not solid enough to make a powerful statement or even a plausible argument.
McIntyre argues that the theory on point of view in both prose and drama has failed to take account of the subtlety and variety of the co-occurring viewpoints that arise in the reading of a text, and the many ways in which readers or audiences are exposed to them.
And they have to look upon it both from that point of view and the point of view of its scientific claims to explain certain scientific phenomena.
Consider how your assumptions are forming your point of view.
The development of the ability to reflect, think critically, and develop one's personal point of view about something is consistent with what employers are looking for.
What's common to these examples is that changing one's point of view can change one's opinion of what is possible and what matters.
So, from there, I wanted to write a song more like from the point of view of the person looking up and seeing bombs coming towards them and seeing their family, and regular civilians, and buildings around them being destroyed.
a professor at Pacific Lutheran University, uses the literary study of characterization, plot, and point of view to study the stories of Hannah, Deborah, and Judah and Tamar in the Old Testament.
Jonathan Ingram, the author of the letter, does indeed present an interesting point of view.
To the contrary, it could be that each point of view is valid based on the scope of observation.