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He patronised an Independent meeting- house in Crawley parish, much to the indignation of his uncle the Rector, and to the consequent delight of Sir Pitt, who was induced to go himself once or twice, which occasioned some violent sermons at Crawley parish church, directed point-blank at the Baronet's old Gothic pew there.
It seemed incredible and indecent that such a thing should be, but he could not deny, now that it was put to him point-blank in this way, that a certain sense of relief was beginning to mingle itself with his gloom.
If they were to ask him point-blank if he were not their correspondent it would be too awkward for him to lie; whereas I was fortunately not tied in that way.
This was not however a question to be asked point-blank, and I could not think of any effective circumlocution.
For answer the girl raised her revolver and fired point-blank at him.
No sir,' said the Squire, point-blank, 'I will not be seated.
When he refused, one of them shot him point-blank in the chest, Daghlas said.
There was late drama when Carmarthen's Mark Jones worked himself into a good position in the box, but blasted wide of the target from point-blank range.
A third goal arrived on 34 minutes when Lewis pulled off a point-blank stop to keep out Ethan Jones but could only watch as the ball fell kindly for Antoni Sarcevic to slot home.
When she resisted, they shot her with automatic assault rifles from point-blank range, blowing her head into almost two pieces," IG (Operations) GHP Raju said on Wednesday.