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470, telescopic sight, double ejector, point-blank up to three-fifty.
My father addressed himself to the gentleman point-blank, and there was quite a disturbance.
For answer the girl raised her revolver and fired point-blank at him.
He replied that he would ask old Nipper point-blank if he came up as usual to the Varsity match, and if they had the luck to meet.
Well, if you ask me point-blank, they're not," replied Philip rather crossly.
One day, when he was doing some valuation for me, he told me point-blank that clergymen seldom understood anything about business, and did mischief when they meddled; but he said it as quietly and respectfully as if he had been talking to me about sailors.
He was upon the point of asking her point-blank but he could not bring himself to do so, finally determining to wait until time and longer acquaintance should reveal the truth or falsity of the accusation.
In the midst of this tirade one of them drew a revolver and fired point-blank at the Russian.
When he saw her, he raised his pistol and fired point-blank at her, but he missed and she fired--and didn't miss.
he cried, and before Tennington realized what he intended he had thrown his gun to his shoulder, and aiming point-blank at Tarzan pulled the trigger.