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He pointedly stated that there is difference between education and knowledge, present era belongs to research , technology and specialization, we must learn to appreciate good initiatives and deeds of others , all political parties are patriotic but difference of opinion cannot be ruled out as such buit criticism on negative things should be positive and constructive aiming at improving the matters.
A prochoice Catholic, Durbin pointedly asked whether Barrett considered herself an "orthodox Catholic," describing her prior use of this phrase as dismissive of everyday Catholics who do not adhere to the hierarchy's every position and suggesting that such a view would have a serious impact on her judgment.
The 28-year-old has been a high-profile target of Manchester City this summer and had pointedly remained silent on the matter until releasing a statement yesterday.
in a way that very clearly expresses a particular meaning or thought He spoke pointedly.
Toshack's stunned reaction to Saturday's dreadful 3-1 defeat by Cyprus, and the way he pointedly said he would have to "look at himself" immediately cast doubts on his future in the job.
DISTRESSING though the situation in Zimbabwe is, we do not need ITN reporters telling us pointedly that the world is doing nothing.
WILLS The prince casts a quick glance in the direction of his ex-lover; KATE She stares away pointedly as the pair sit apart in the Royal Box Picture: RICHARD YOUNG; 1 A cheeky greeting for Chelsy; 2 Joker Harry keeps his girl in fits of laughter; 3 Pair have a snog as the gig begins; 1 Heir I go.
Pointedly announcing, "We have experience of reconstruction after war," Iranian ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qumi said, according to the New York Times, that his nation would "greatly expand its economic and military ties with Iraq--including an Iranian national bank branch in the heart of the capital.
He pointedly referred to the defence of human life in all its phases.
No," she said pointedly, "but my daughters think I do.
Reed and Jesus and Empire by Richard Horsley reveal a social-political movement that consciously and pointedly challenged the Roman system of oppression.