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Other studies have found that wing length or pointedness is not correlated with migration distance or migratory behavior (Keast 1980; Mulvihill and Chandler 1990, 1991; Bums 2003).
Although the motif of questioning that provides the dramatic momentum of "Fire Watch" gives pointedness to the observations and reflections that make up the narrative, it also results in a potent theme derived from Merton's dialogical exploration of the intellectual and spiritual poles of his psyche with its diurnal and nocturnal cycling.
Rather, they expressed a chronic experience of unease--with increasing frequency, pointedness and clarity.
11) With the usual pointedness of the teacher, Languet proceeds to extrapolate fr om the particular instance of Pibrac's fault -- writing a letter that fear for his own death provoked -- to a general lesson to be learned from his behavior.
But I liked it because it seemed sparky and had a pointedness to it.
One could say that John Koch (1909-1978) painted as if modernism--Manet included --simply never occurred, but such a statement fails to account for the vehemence of his rejection of most twentieth-century art and the pointedness of his rebellion against it.
But "a pointedness in his manner of asking her, which she did not like," disturbs Fanny--and rightly, for his soliciting her hand in the dance is a prelude to his soliciting her hand in marriage.
What looks back at us in the hardness and the blackness of that gaze, the harshness and staccato pointedness of that gesture?