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Willoughby's pointer, than he could describe to her the shades of his mind.
A gentleman carrying a gun, with two pointers playing round him, was passing up the hill and within a few yards of Marianne, when her accident happened.
Thus, a man who intends keeping pointers naturally tries to get as good dogs as he can, and afterwards breeds from his own best dogs, but he has no wish or expectation of permanently altering the breed.
Sir Pitt's invalid chair was wheeled away into a tool-house in the garden; the old pointer used to howl sometimes at first, but these were the only accents of grief which were heard in the Hall of which Sir Pitt Crawley, Baronet, had been master for some threescore years.
My sporting dogs consist of two pointers, two harriers and two setters.
I'll give you a few pointers on this whirling game, my boy," Daylight was saying to him, when Bob whirled.
Three were short-haired pointers, one was a Newfoundland, and the other two were mongrels of indeterminate breed.
The Newfoundland went first, followed by the three short-haired pointers, the two mongrels hanging more grittily on to life, but going in the end.
Wajahat got second position, followed by young-gun Waqar with 319 points including eight times 10 pointer, seven times nine pointer.
According to Pointer, its advanced solutions will enable the customer to effectively manage its fleet of about 1,500 motor vehicles.
Following the completion of the transaction Pointer will hold 100% of the issued share capital of Pointer Mexico.
Following the spin-off, Shagrir, with its remaining business consisting of Mobile Resource Management (MRM), will be merged into Pointer Once this process is complete, Pointer's business will be fully focused on its MRM activities, in line with its long-term strategy.