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Siemens' ID Mouse pointing device also can help businesses save money by reducing administration costs associated with password resets.
GyroPoint, a pointing device designed for presenters, was introduced in
As people participate in increasingly intense applications such as PC gaming, and compute in more diverse environments with their notebooks, a pointing device must be more precise and be able to function on more surfaces than ever.
The widely-acclaimed GlidePoint pointing device will appear for the first time in an x86 notebook computer.
The color Z-LITE features the enhanced J-Mouse integrated pointing device which enables users to point and click using an isometric joystick embodied in the J-Key and F-Key/space bar.
PortaPoint is a revolutionary computer pointing device containing Interlink's proprietary VersaPoint technology.
The Z-LITE 425L is ideal for Microsoft Windows applications through a combination of i486 SL power, a full-size VGA backlit display, and an available pointing device that can be uniquely integrated into the system.
Some notebook users prefer an external mouse to an integrated pointing device," said Roger Kay, vice president of client computing at IDC.
The other will be ProPoint(TM), a remote pointing device targeting the presentation and multimedia markets," Thoben said.
There are over 7,000 claims allowed under the Patent which are directed to methods and systems for entering data on a personal computing device using a search list, a digital keyboard and a pointing device.
The software program and even the pointing device should be fun for children.
Tactronics, a proven leader in ultra-rugged integrated electronics systems today announced the first industry 1U 19" Rackmount drawer with an integral computer, 12" display, keyboard and pointing device.