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Kyprianou said an effort should be made by the leaders and their negotiators to discuss and agree on the remaining chapters as soon as possible but "it is pointless and unnecessary to have discussions now on whether the elections should be postponed.
In response to Mr Southall's comment that continuing the debate is a pointless exercise, I would say this; I believe in Greater Birmingham, and fighting for what one believes in is never pointless.
The 24-year-old says: "I haven't got hing on my body that is pointless.
To force aspiring eyebrow threaders to spend as much as $9,000 on 750 hours of pointless training in order to obtain a pointless license is practically the definition of unnecessary government.
THE Krankies will be bringing their manic brand of humour to TV screens when they star on BBC gameshow Pointless.
The quiz was touted as C4's answer to Pointless and was pitted against BBC One's top daytime show.
Luckily, presenter Richard Osman is there (minus his Pointless co-host Alexander 'Xander' Armstrong) to quell our nerves - and admit that he's not super-confident either.
Richard studied politics and sociology at Trinity College, Cambridge, where his future Pointless colleague Alexander Armstrong was reading English literature.
30pm Lee has always seemed like the sort of bloke who would have a store of pointless knowledge, so this week sees him making an appearance on the perfect quiz show for a man of his talents - Only Connect.
A prime example of the lag came in the form of BBC's Pointless programme, which featured Stephanie alongside her elderly friend Pearl.
As he travels the world once a year, Santa should have a definite advantage if any geography questions come up, and his toy-making knowledge is second to none, but how is he on those other Pointless mainstays, the periodic table and tennis grand slam winners?