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Just take a recent set of inventions which were so astounding in their utter pointlessness that an international team of boffins nominated them for what are called the 'Ig-Nobel' (get it?
There is also a song of such extreme pointlessness and schmaltz - ``The Bubbes,'' featuring a line of high-kicking grannies - that its creator should be arrested.
Indeed, in her work, utter, anti-economical pointlessness is sometimes exactly the point.
No matter how wise one is, the kid shines bright within, especially when weighed against the novelty of life and its pointlessness in the grand scale of the cosmos.
The Republicans would surely do the same if they were in the minority - and would be quick to criticize the pointlessness of a 40-hour protest against the institution's own rules.
Bilbao wasn't Gehry's first sculptural-waveform building, witness the total pointlessness of his American Centre in Paris.
Design proceeding from this insight will allow the brave few to reach customers and markets they had thought saturated, simultaneously executing a graceful withdrawal from the cul de sac of pointlessness and mediocrity in which the Japanese Web is currently mired.
The result is bewilderingly unsystematic, both in the randomness of inclusion and the frequent pointlessness of what does get in.
The execution of Gary Graham in Texas last night again demonstrates the barbarism and pointlessness of capital punishment.
A reference to the clock on the Jewish Town Hall in Prague indicates the poet's preoccupation with the passage of time, a concern which is often linked with a prevailing emptiness and pointlessness of life.
Focusing resolutely on the pointlessness and phoniness of the gathering, Rosin reduced it all to a self-indulgent gab fest -- thus the piece's title, "Blah-blah" Blah-blah indeed.
So embedded in us is our incessant pointlessness, we keep going back to what kicked and scratched at us, and yes there are a hundred corpses inside us, keeping us aclutter.