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If anything highlighted the pointlessness of existence - both for the human species and the grass itself - it was this.
Davies charms the audience with his charismatic opening monologue about robbing politicians and the pointlessness of guilt - before hinting that he has just murdered and carved up his best mate's ex-girlfriend.
Once people find out exactly what the ID card scheme involves - the cost, the pointlessness, the invasion of privacy and all the potential technical problems - they see what a bad idea it is.
An EU official closely involved in the negotiations for the conference emphasised the pointlessness of holding a conference without real commitments from Ukrainian government and presidential offices.
But this is not mentioned: the Council's conclusions simply "appreciate the Commission's constructive response" but insist on the pointlessness of a reform.
Observations about art, politics and the pointlessness of being defined based on nationalism by Jan Lauwers.
It's interesting to see how strongly so many people feel about the perfection of the original film and the pointlessness of future remakes.
It was the image of this little girl running naked, burned, and in agony that brought the horror, cruelty, and pointlessness of the Vietnamese conflict home to America's living rooms.
Indeed, in her work, utter, anti-economical pointlessness is sometimes exactly the point.
It bases its opinion on the conclusions drawn in a recent report by Global Chance, an environmental NGO, which refers to the pointlessness of the European EPR, irrespective of whether you hold a pro- or anti-nuclear stance.