points of comparison

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This surmounting level of unpopularity is perhaps one of the only points of comparison between Pena Nieto and Donald Trump, who came to Mexico City on Wednesday, the day before the Mexican president was set to give his annual State of the Union address.
Points of comparison included plotting degrees of: 1) realism, 2) elaboration of/within major motifs, 3) symmetry, 4) value contrast, plus 5) hue placement 6) number of hues used, and 7) background-foreground relationships.
Some give additional points of comparison such as shipping charges, cash on delivery option and cashback offers.
During this study, eleven points of comparison were taken and the comparison showed that - despite the increase of the vehicle fleet in recent years - the noise levels were relatively constant.
of California at Berkeley) examine the issue of racism within education and come up with not only a number of points of comparison but also basic definitions that have heretofore been ignored.
Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole and Dukas' Sorcerer's Apprentice (both played with considerable lan) offered interesting points of comparison with their later orchestral incarnations - but how much more stimulating Poulenc's Sonata, or even some Milhaud, would have been.
Not only do the subjects of the various chapters offer opportunity to make connections among examples of giving in different traditions, but the chapters that emphasize giving in the Christian tradition note points of comparison with and distinction from giving in other religious traditions.
The survey provides nationwide CEO compensation data for credit unions $100 million plus in assets which can be categorized by asset size, region, and many other points of comparison to help credit unions attract or retain top CEO talent.
The way he prepares for matches as thoroughly as the gaffer used to and the desire are also points of comparison.
The World Bank is a partner of the CNES in the reflection and providing a methodological framework and points of comparison with the international experience.
Do Rozario has discovered numerous points of comparison between the rather "English" craftsmen of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hobbits, including geographical displacement, hairiness, interest in the transformation of current events into stories for re-telling, and romance; this latter point is developed with reference to Aragorn whom Tolkien originally portrayed as a Hobbit.