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Principally, then, the points of convergence and divergence in Brown's and Frost's use of the Dives-Lazarus story focus on the two poets' respective associations of art and the social significance of art.
Q When you talk about the points of convergence -- that you did see points of convergence going on in there -- any ones that you want to share?
SECRETARY RICE: What I said is that you can help them see where points of convergence may be.
Potential Points of Convergence Opportunities in Advanced manufacturing: Encapsulation technologies has the potential to converge with manufacturing processes as well as innovative material technology to provide reliable barrier films.
Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Technology Overview 9 Year of Impact 19 Market Potential 22 Global Footprint 25 IP Activity-Patent Landscape 28 Funding 31 Breadth of Industries 34 Impact on Megatrend 37 Potential points of Convergence 39 Size of the Innovation Ecosystem 42 Key Patents and Contacts 53 The Frost & Sullivan Story 60
The 9 dimensions of the reports can be listed as: --Year of impact --Market Potential --Global Footprint --IP Intensity --Funding --Breadth of Industries --Megatrend Impact --Potential Points of convergence --Size of Innovation Ecosystem
Funding trends, megatrend impact and potential points of convergence are analyzed alongside to provide a complete view of the biometric technologies and their impact on the intended market.
Nine Dimensional Analysis of Technology Assessment Market Potential -- Year of Impact -- Global Footprint -- IP Activity -- Funding -- Breadth of Industries -- Impact of Megatrend -- Potential Points of Convergence -- Size of Innovation Ecosystem
Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Technology Overview 10 Year of Impact 25 Market Potential 30 Global Footprint 33 IP Activity- Patent Assessment 37 Funding 43 Impact on Megatrend 46 Breadth of Industries 49 Potential Points of Convergence 52 Size of Innovation Ecosystem 55 Patents and Contacts 59 The Frost & Sullivan Story 65
The 'Nine' Dimensions that Power Technology Evaluation Market Potential Market prospects Global Footprint Technology adoption across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific IP Intensity Total patent filings / granted patents in that technology Funding Funds associated with technology development and penetration within the domain Breadth Of Industries Number of industries impacted Megatrend Impact Impact on megatrends Potential Points Of Convergence Technology convergence across clusters
For Embratel, the points of convergence between networks is critical.
He said the bilateral relations of Pakistan and United States have many points of convergences and divergences and after the resumption of strategic dialogue process, all these issues would be taken up.