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Officially rated 86, Points Of View has run only once this season, finishing in midfield in an Ayr handicap won by Summon Up Theblood at Ayr seven weeks ago.
Entries on points of view in dictionaries and encyclopedias typically start with a typology of narration: first person or homodiegetic, third person or heterodiegetic, omniscient, limited, reflector, and so on.
Strive to be open-minded in evaluating all points of view.
Dramatically contrasting points of view emanate from the victory poem of Deborah.
This one principle seems to escape all those who present similar "open border" points of view.
The realization that these two points of view differ--that there is complexity and simplicity in the world we inhabit--does not necessarily mean that one is correct and the other incorrect.
After a careful examination and discussion of other people's points of view on bullying and related subject matter, students can express their understanding in a written format.
We are pleased to have this opportunity to present the forum with Eureka Networks and showcase different points of view about this issue to the business community at large," said Joshua Aaron president of BTP.
A key concept in proVizor is the measurement of security from relevant Points of View (POV).
The shifting points of view and subtle emotional shading of The Way the Crow Flies may also owe something to MacDonald's background as an actor: "Once you inhabit a point of view, you make that character quite powerful," she points out.
It's really tough, because life is full of complexity and contradiction, That's the reason why I tend to make long films, and why they involve various different points of view.
With that broad vision, we can incorporate all these different points of view into the organization and make sure they have a voice.