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These vulture deaths coincide with a spate of other retaliatory poisonings across Africa where on February 15, six lions and 72 vultures were reported to have been poisoned in the Ruaha-Katavi landscape, Tanzania.
is being held in memory of five dogs that were recently poisoned and belonged to the same family.
Children between these groups are less commonly poisoned.
But what if you have become poisoned by our exceedingly toxic society?
These include people who poisoned themselves with illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and meth, as well as those who may have overdosed on prescription drugs or medication.
Clinico-epidemiological profile of poisoned patients in emergency department: A two and half year's single hospital experience.
22 These centres do not have a clinical toxicologist to care for poisoned patients.
A DOG which died after competing at Crufts appears to have been poisoned in Belgium, the show's organisers have said.
In 2010, 20 red kites, 30 buzzards, two goshawks, eight peregrines, five golden eagles, one white-tailed eagle and one sparrowhawk were found poisoned in the UK.
Among the birds killed by "Dr Poison" was Conall, an Irish-bred Golden Eagle chick which was found dead in February after being poisoned near the Border.
ASADABAD (PAN): About 300 police and some officials of eastern Nuristan province were poisoned during breaking their fast on Saturday evening, and even some are still unconscious.
This has given some scholars the mistaken notion that poisoned weapons were historically rare.