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As the excellent old gentleman's nails are long and leaden, and his hands lean and veinous, and his eyes green and watery; and, over and above this, as he continues, while he claws, to slide down in his chair and to collapse into a shapeless bundle, he becomes such a ghastly spectacle, even in the accustomed eyes of Judy, that that young virgin pounces at him with something more than the ardour of affection and so shakes him up and pats and pokes him in divers parts of his body, but particularly in that part which the science of self-defence would call his wind, that in his grievous distress he utters enforced sounds like a paviour's rammer.
Martin, if you don't poke him, I'll do it myself, if I fall dead on the floor the next moment.
She was only sixteen, and he was perfectly splendid; and she has plenty of money, and every one talked about it; and when she went anywhere, people looked, you know, and she liked it; but her papa is an old poke, so he 's sent them all away.
No sooner was it finished than it began to laugh and poke fun at him.
So when the man woke, there was a poke beside him and something into the inside of it that moved.
A pretty thing it would be, wouldn't it to go and stop at the very first public-house outside the town, so that Sowerberry, if he come up after us, might poke in his old nose, and have us taken back in a cart with handcuffs on,' said Mr.
Bringing the story begun in two previous novels and concluding what the author terms an "informal" trilogy, "The Hot Countries" conveys more information about Poke Rafferty and his way of life in Bangkok than in the previous six books in the series.
I JUST read Paul OGRADY`s comments about TV shows and saying he would rather have a poke in the eye with a needle than learn how to sew or knit from a TV programme.
One of the new perks that players can enjoy is the addition of a new currency for "Pokemon X and Y," which are Poke Miles.
But when the Sunday People visited a branch of UK Skunkworks, a worker sold us a PS25 packet of Poke, which is similar to cocaine - and gave us pointers on how to take it.
Publicis Groupe Euronext Paris FR0000130577, CAC 40 today announced the acquisition of POKE, a UK leading specialist digital agency, from its four founding shareholders and Mother Holdings Ltd.
Founding Partners Michael Kantrow and Tom Ajello Announce MBO from POKE London, Former MDC Managing Director Rob Dickson Joins Advisory Board