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He sent his very qualified staff to prod and poke around, and they determined that further evaluation was necessary.
As for ad-man Lex - the other participant in this one-off investigation - I'm not sure why he agreed to let a stranger poke around in his underwear drawer.
Then, in 2021, a "new monster rocket" topped by a NASA Orion space capsule - like an Apollo command module, only bigger - would launch astronauts to land on the asteroid and poke around.
@manorhaus: It''s Open Doors weekend in Llangollen 8th & 9th so visit an historic building that you wouldn''t normally be able to have a poke around!
Flame was designed primarily as spyware to poke around inside Iranian computers and report back on what was going on.
Not many interviewers have then courage to poke around in Alison's head, and anyone who does deserves praise.
''Without the ability to go out there and poke around, it is hard to determine,'' he said.
The folks at iFixIt rushed to tear down the new MacBook Air, but they discovered that Apple apparently really doesn't want you to poke around the gadget.