poke fun at

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Westerfeld has encapsulated today's cool in a fast-paced, fun novel that's not afraid to poke fun at our own consumerism while at the same time recognizing that cool rules.
Characters poke fun at him because of his limited command of Spanish, even as Estrada's character tries to explain that his inability to speak fluent Spanish is the result of a childhood spent in the United States.
They also conceived of their adventure "as a great way to poke fun at the mundane method of traditional marketing.
In the first part of this book, subtitled The Fall of Advertising, the writers poke fun at costly marketing campaigns that failed to produce results.
Designed to poke fun at the apparent millions of TV cookery programmes, it stars Arabella Weir and Richard E Grant as Minty and Simon Marchmont - the 21st century's answer to Fanny and John Cradock.
On the show, anchors and correspondents throw to each other at breakneck speed and poke fun at Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor" with "The Firth Factor.
Rather than poke fun at the ancients, his mundane objects (which also include scissors, a key, a pipe, and a paper clip) pay homage to their herculean efforts.
Comedians tend to poke fun at their own hometowns - it goes with the territory.