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For six years, he was also the face of South Africa's highest-selling brand of tea in television commercials - but he had to return to the UK in the 60s because the then South African government took exception to his satirical brand of song which often poked fun at apartheid.
Streb poked fun at her own gymnastic "PopAction" style, with dancers yelling out the names of key body parts as they pulled off their leotards.
Perhaps it's no wonder that everyone in the Canadian TV industry has an opinion about who is being poked fun at each week in the Salter Street Films/Island Edge Entertainment spoof Made in Canada.
He was also a host for the mock makeover show, "Cube Fabulous," which poked fun at the "makeover" genre by helping guests remake their office cubicles and attracted 4.
I am really hurt that a C-grade actor standing beside the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister poked fun at Narendra Modi.
Thomas Vonn, who divorced Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn this year, poked fun at the rules controversy that almost got Tiger disqualified.
The regulatory body has received a small number of complaints about Monday's drivetime show, in which Wright (right) defended ethnic gags, poked fun at people with red hair and screamed "idiot" at a caller.
He also poked fun at the genre in 1977's ``Kentucky Fried Movie.