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com/2012/12/26/snapchat-rises-why-pokes-decline-shows-facebooks-inability-to-invent/) post shows that while Facebook continues to dominate the free apps rankings, Snapchat is ahead of Facebook Poke by a large margin.
FAWLTY TOWERS: Clumsy Spanish waiter Manuel accidentally pokes Basil in the eye with an umbrella.
BOA RESTRICTOR: George Boateng pokes Nicklas Bendtner in the eye
Poking is a simple gesture that can be used as both communication and self expression and, with 15 million users and 100 pokes per second, is currently one of the most viral activities on Facebook.
Flavored with the solid feeling of veracity that can only come from life experience, Sex, Cheese, and French Fries pokes fun at relationship foibles, including contentious issues of sex, lifestyle, raising children (or not), politics, language, food, and much more.
The radio ad, known as "Mr Discount Airline Pilot Guy" reportedly pokes fun at discount carriers and includes taunts aimed at pilots.
While the Troubletown cartoon pokes fun at our setup, the underlying injustice in our system is no laughing matter.
Bill Maher's now canceled Politically Incorrect slaughtered herds of sacred cows, and his recent When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden (New Millennium) slices and dices America's greed, selfishness, and gluttonous oil consumption while taking more than a few pokes at Washington's prosecution of the war on terror.
Director Jamie Babbit pokes fun at "ex-gay" rehabs in But I'm a Cheerleader but she's intent on exposing their dangers
Haynes pokes, he prods, but the soul of glam eludes him.
Some pokes were variations of the basic; others were wildly inventive and included cooked seafood, fruits, vegetables, noodles, lime juice, and chilies.
Another top executive who pokes fun at himself is Ronald Cape, Ph.