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We have lots of crafts planned," jokes Hansen as she begins to poke, poke, poke into shape the core white wool of one pumpkin following Clarke's instructions to roll it really tight.
Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) has filed for a handful of new trademarks for Poke, its latest app debuted last Friday to (http://www.
Steve added: "People are asking me if I'm proud and I am dead proud of him although he did poke himself in the eye
The statement said that the campaign was "meant to poke fun at slices of everyday life, but this execution clearly crossed the line".
That's a good thing except for diabetic children who have to poke their fingers with lancets to get the blood necessary to check their blood sugar levels.
and his corporate and Capitol Hill buddies for a cornucopia of problems and ills, while his movie Bowling for Columbine takes a decidedly irreverent and occasionally outlandish poke at our idolatrous veneration of the Second Amendment.
I thinks it's an artist's job to poke fun at social issues.
Haynes pokes, he prods, but the soul of glam eludes him.
Some pokes were variations of the basic; others were wildly inventive and included cooked seafood, fruits, vegetables, noodles, lime juice, and chilies.
Another top executive who pokes fun at himself is Ronald Cape, Ph.
Pokes Fun at Himself and Governor Palin On YouTube Video