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And to make his point, Cape tells a story that pokes fun at his own communication abilities.
TV presenter Angus Deayton should be pushed off a pier, says the Mayor of Bognor Regis, which Deayton pokes fun at in his new show, Bognor or Bust.
Not for every library, but more mature teens will find this entertaining and perhaps thought provoking and they will certainly recognize the common high school types Vizzini pokes fun at here.
A lot of people lump God and religion together, but if anything, the show pokes fun at the silly things about religion.
The game also pokes fun at women and even bankers, but it was Tree Hugger who caught the eye of gay activists, including the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which wondered if Deer Avenger was "parody or pansy baiting.
Mama's Family' is one of those shows that has a unique appeal because of its offbeat humor which pokes fun at the faults and dysfunctions of a quirky mid-western family.
Along the way, Tolan pokes fun at the artistic temperament and at the media.
UNDER FIRE: Ghettopoly pokes fun at gun culture and drug crime; RAPPED: Ghetto cards