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Pokey sets his original lyrics to a range of musical forms from western swing, bluegrass and ragtime to blues, country and folk.
I am thrilled to have one of the league s most fierce competitors join our team, said Sky head coach and general manager Pokey Chatman.
YOU SAID: What on earth are they holding this in the pokey little Middlesbrough Theatre?
But signing to Jack White's Third Man Records could also be viewed as Pokey La Farge pushing the boundaries of what he can do again - after all, this is the man who is bringing Americana back to the masses without turning it into some kind of retro nostalgia trip.
Jennifer Welford, 27, left Glasgow Housing Association two years ago to launch online retailers The Pokey Hat.
Is this is what is happening to Reagan (Alex Elliott), manager of children's homes, when, late at night, his pokey office is infiltrated by a young man (Jack McMillan) with a backpack?
Let the dirt flourish, local epidemics of Delhi belly, Egyptian tummy and Tunisian trots might persuade moronic inmates to stay out of pokey.
While indeed, critics find fault in the best of things, including arguments, those claiming the knowledge high-ground should also be wary of pokey petards.
The university is building more student accommodation and one day these homes may be less attractive to landlords and I wonder what will become of these three storey houses with pokey little rooms.
You dipped your big toe in, then quickly took it out like a one-man Hokey Pokey.
Plus, there''s a chance to enjoy blues group Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three.
CRUNCHY TREAT: Stephen Jackson's recipe for Hokey Pokey, which if you are not from New Zealand you might know it better as chocolate covered cinder toffee