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If you notice a large discrepancy in engine performance in just a day's use, either go back over where you were poking around, or take it to the dealer so he can run a computer diagnosis.
As she bumbled around she didn't have a clue I was giving I spent a wonderful afternoon poking around like an old bear.
Reynolds gives us one beautiful glimpse of the raging internal battle when we see Chris poking around the family garage and finding his old snow globe collection.
These controls, which make the insects respond to an external flash of ultraviolet light, provide a way for researchers to investigate how nerve cells work and interact without poking around in the flies' brains.
It fell to pieces when he started poking around with a screwdriver.
followed by hours and sometimes days of poking around the suspect file system and log files trying to confirm their suspicions.
I think on a general level men are much more adventurous and more interested in poking around and seeing what's there, whereas women will really take time and really investigate possible partners or dates online.
Hephaestion went "underground,' poking around Sidon incognito with an interpreter, looking for a person worthy to be the new king.
This fall new squads of inspectors poking around the country could furnish valuable data to the United States, heightening the effectiveness of a subsequent military attack.
There will be a good few promising sorts poking around in the next few weeks," said the trainer, "but at this stage I would say he deserves to be considered for the race.
So when Darry foolishly starts poking around The Creeper's lair, Trish shrieks: 'You know that part in scary movies where somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it?
Poking around with cotton buds can perforate the eardrum.