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Dark and airless, this tenement-housing apartment has not been rendered unlivable so much as exposed for how unlivable it always was, what with its oppressively low ceilings, poky rooms, minuscule hallways, and claustrophobic bathroom.
Since they started in a poky little studio ten years ago, the careers of Armada's Tom Findlay and Andy Cato have rocketed.
It was such a big effort; he was going to be a bit poky after the race, especially after all the travelling, because it has been quite an ordeal for him.
To contemporary clubgoers, the loping gait of the floor-fillers may seem poky, but what these tracks lack in beats per minute, they make up for in creative spark.
Oscar Kaufmann, for example, had designed important theatres in Berlin; after being displaced from his smart Schoneberg flat to a poky room in Tel Aviv he was almost starved of work, and returned to Budapest and further persecution.
If all cars travel at a poky 5 miles per hour or less, a dirt road will remain flat.
The other letter waiting for me in the poky office that still said 'Undersecretary, Min of Ag & Fish' on the door was more promising.
Tonight's episode is a little poky, emphasizing deadpan humor over the quixotic banality of evil, but future episodes are more goofily inspired: Check out Andy, a gun trained on him, break out into mild-mannered rage after taking umbrage at being dismissed as a "bookkeeper.
They face a different proposition away from their poky Roots Hall ground, however, against a Spurs side who have won their last 10 home games and rattled in 12 goals in their previous four matches.
Stalled in a poky burg all but out of business since the interstate siphoned tourist traffic away, an impatient McQueen stays only under duress, educated by townsfolk including local judge Doc Hudson (Newman, himself a car racer, in the role of a 1951 jalopy that fits the 81-year-old actor like a trophy), the loyal and hee-hawing tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), and the onetime fast-lane Porsche 911, Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt, another favorite Pixar vocalizer).
Public school handled the next phase and, thanks to our third child, well, what haven't we talked about, ever since we had "The Poky Little Penis" wandering around naked half the time?
The Christmas Letter by Kevin Prochaska is heartwarming novel depicting the story of Viola Martin and her unexpectedly friendship with her inquisitive and poky grandson Jimmy.