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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

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We all know what Pol Pot was like and where he ended up at the end of the day.
Hafiz Naeem said that the masses are passing through immense mental agony due to nonimplementation of POL reduced rates and demanded that the government should evolve an effective mechanism through which the prices of basic commodities and transport fares went down as the POL prices decreased.
The benefits of POL are many, and should encourage enterprises such as universities, hospitals, corporate campuses, and multi-dwelling units - any facilities with relatively high-density populations of users to install or retrofit this architecture.
He said that motorcyclists were on top who got advantage of cut in POL prices and preferred to get their tanks filled.
Medicare physician filings also indicate POLs perform moderate complexity infectious disease tests using plate immunoassays and molecular assays as well as in-situ hybridization tests using tissue samples.
The house of Pol Roger is among the longest-established and traditional family enterprises in France's Champagne region.
Non Nou had been assigned to guard the 73-year-old Pol Pot after he lost power in a bloody internal struggle last year and was placed under loose house arrest by the victorious faction.
THIS MESSAGE was communicated to Pol Pol from the start and was unsubtly repeated for the entire duration of the investigation.
And 43 per cent said they felt POLs didn't offer enough privacy for making financial transactions, while 38 per cent said they felt the service they received was poor and 28 per cent claimed staff experience and knowledge was not up to scratch.
He said the government has fixed the current POL prices in the local market when the international prices have gone up to $100 per barrel while the current prices have reached as low as $65 per barrel.
Pol Pot's cremation site on a mountain in Anlong Veng has become a place of prayer for gamblers, for those in ill health and for those running business who seek luck or cures from the spirit of a man who presided over for the deaths of 1.
Why is POL proposing to train a new group of 'customer advisors' for the new post office, when it already has a highly-dedicated, skilled and efficient workforce in place?