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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

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Thailand strongly denied that Pol Pot or any Khmer Rouge leaders were on its soil.
Chandler identifies a number of episodes in Pol Pot's life which may have served as sources of inspirations for his political thoughts and for the policies implemented in Cambodia during the DK years.
For the POL, factors to consider have grown during the last three years.
POLs operated by group practices also must meet a specific statutory definition of group practice.
But Pol Pot warns of the danger of accepting a political settlement before his political cadres have sufficiently "prepared" the country.
Talking to The Nation MQM-P member of coordination committee Ameenul Haq condemning the hike described the move 'undue' and said the recent increase of POL price on eve of New Year would only overburden the poor class.
Abroad, Pol struggled from the outset with the Vietnamese Communists, who had designs on a unified Indochinese state but whose plans often came at the expense of their Cambodian little brothers.
Anlong Veng, 104 kilometers north of the famed Angkor Wat temple complex, is considered an attractive tourist destination because it is the place where Pol Pot died and was cremated and is also the place where Ta Mok was arrested.
In pursuance of agreement with the Government in 1978 POL took over the exploration and production business of AOC in Pakistan.
Police are waiting the results of a post mortem and have yet to release details on exactly how Pol died.
Gen Meas Sophea said he had heard a report that the Khmer Rouge's current leader, Ta Mok, and Pol Pot were in a Thai border village.