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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

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Previous studies have predicted mass polar bear starvation by 2068, when annual ice breakup is expected to separate the bears from their sea-ice hunting grounds and their key prey, seals, for a consecutive 180 days each year.
Substantial sea ice loss and the decline in their marine prey make for an increasingly worse outlook for polar bear populations," Todd explains.
Polar bears can weigh up to 70 stone and have 42 teeth.
There have been no polar bear cubs born in Britain for more than 20 years.
He wanted to experience this beautiful place on different terms, building memories of its awe-inducing splendor rather than of the horror of a polar bear attack.
The new facility will increase the Alaska Zoo's capacity to care for polar bear cubs.
The Spirit of Love" is a true story of an endangered polar bear cub who was rescued from a remote ice tundra in the Arctic Circle by searching helicopter pilots of the Polar Bear Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, just established in January, 2012.
WHO WOULD have thought that a short, tartan wool skirt would turn out to be my nemesis in the polar bear capital of the world?
3, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At an international polar bear forum this week marking the 40[sup.
Our Government is committed to proper conservation of the polar bear, while ensuring that the rights of Aboriginal peoples who continue to rely on the polar bear for food, clothing and livelihood are maintained and respected, said Minister Aglukkaq.
The last time a large number of polar bears gathered in one place was on the Arctic coast of Chukotka in the fall of 2006," the head of the WWF's Polar Bear Patrol, Viktor Nikiforov, said.