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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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pilot and two passengers on a helicopter narrowly escaped after a polar bear smashed the windshield searching for food at Sandersons Hope, near Upernavik.
This is not the first time the zoo and CREW have collaborated for polar bear reproduction.
Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago of two islands between the Kara and Barents seas, is a good example of Moscow's new frontier that falls inside the polar bear habitat.Bears in the Barents Sea are seeing the fastest ice reduction of the species' range, having lost 20 weeks of ice a year over the last few decades, according to Polar Bears International.
"The emergency situation was caused by the mass invasion of polar bears in residential areas," a statement released by the regional government said, (http://tass.com/emergencies/1043985) Russian news agency TASS reported.
The post Grizzly Man Mark swims with his pet polar bear Agee (V) appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Parker the Polar Bear has just finished a sign that denounced visitors to his island when a penguin named Kirby floats in.
'Went to Tynwald Mills today and was quite amused yet disturbed by their placement of their [Christmas] polar bears,' wrote one Twitter user, Ruth Hogg (@MrsManxTiger), on Sunday, Nov.
A tiny native village in Alaska has experienced a boom in tourism in recent years as polar bears spend more time on land than on the diminishing Arctic sea ice.More than 2,000 people visited the northern Alaska village of Kaktovik on the Beaufort Sea last year to see polar bears in the wild.
"The incident occurred when the four-person polar bear guard team, who are always on board for these expedition cruises as required by law, prepared for a shore leave," the company said.
Each captures an uncensored moment in the life of a polar bear in its natural habitat.