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The good news is that the radical culture shift we've been in for the past 50 years allows much more room to experiment with the primal polarities of Strength and Surrender.
The ultimate goal in water revitalization is to erase this stored and toxic information and restore nature's original intent by infusing water with resonant polarities (objectively verified under a polarized microscope as rainbow-colored crystallization patterns).
Decide and annotate polarities and then intensities to the entries.
We observed that some positive and negative words available in the General lexicon, as well as in GI, have opposite polarities in product domain.
Therefore, each of the current polarities on the wound site appear to be able to improve some parts of the healing processes, but until now, the most appropriate protocol for polarity application to improve wound healing was unknown.
Both polarities must coexist for the battery to operate.
This shift in political polarities is dictated by partisan interests, of course: Either party, once in power, seeks to alter the constitutional system to perpetuate its advantage.
Embracing and considering various polarities could assist family medicine in continuing to discover and develop its identity and its relational soul.
The aftermath of 9/11 has, I believe, made even more urgent the '80s endeavor to think of issues relating to political and cultural difference beyond the polarities of power and identity.
Insofar as cultural history is merely the movement which slips between the four polarities of the inhuman, this history presents itself as the evolution of a dialogue between four extreme positions.
Born of the fleeting marriage between the rational-minded Annabella Milbanke and the rebellious poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron was destined to live a life betwixt the polarities of her time.
Stages in learning to engage in quality conversations are lack of awareness; awareness without action; ability to act on awareness, with effort; and ability to hold the polarities and maintain the communication.