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Reorientation of microtubules from transverse to longitudinal is a prerequisite for the establishment of a new (radial) cell polarity resulting in a lateral transport of auxin.
Semantic, symbolic, and social evidence of either right-left polarity or of gender polarity pours forth from page one.
The researchers expect regulation of cell polarity to be key to the development of many other human cell types, including nerve cells.
Without disassembling the connector and requires no special skill or training, the fiber polarity and pin reconfiguration of MTP[R] PRO fiber assemblies can be performed easily in the field.
However, at higher temperatures, the changes in position of titanium atoms mostly are random, which results in the polarity disappearing.
In long-term relating, couples need to learn how to consciously shift polarity, or else trouble ensues.
The Wiener polarity index for the quantity defined in the equation above is introduced by Wiener [1] for acyclic molecules in a slightly different yet equivalent manner.
Unleashing the positive power of differences; polarity thinking in our schools.
In a statement by solar physicist Phil Scherrer, it was revealed that the "sun's polar magnetic field got weaken," reaching zero before reemerging in opposite polarity.
The visualization shows how in 1997, the sun shows the positive polarity on the top, and the negative polarity on the bottom.
3 PoE specifications require PDs to accept DC supply voltages of any polarity over their Ethernet inputs.
London, Nov 17 ( ANI ): Scientists have revealed that the magnetic field of the Sun is expected to reverse polarity within the next three weeks, which could have a huge effect on our solar system.