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Polarizable Electrode for Electric Double-Layer Capacitor and Methods for Producing Polarizable Electrode and Capacitor 144
is assumed to be the maximum particle charge (the electronic charge unscreened by a polarizable vacuum state), and [r.
The counterpart of Equation (B3) for the case of electrically polarizable systems is:
UNIQUAC structural parameters for ILs as estimated from Polarizable Continuum Model (PCM) have been used and are reported in Table 11.
We also see that our space-time continuum can be considered as a dynamically polarizable medium possessing chirality.
Polarization will reveal the particles, but keep in mind that polarizable particles (calcium oxylate and calcium carbonate) can be seen as a nonspecific finding in giant cells of granulomatous inflammation.
We observed small polarizable particulates within the macrophages.
1 Computational modeling of the solvent effect on NMR molecular parameters by a Polarizable Continuum Model (J.
This cumulative effect increases the free volume, decreasing the close packing of the chains, thus decreasing the number of polarizable groups per volume units, lowering polarization (32).
There was no polarizable or refractile material in the granulomatous lesions.
We evaluated the airways for fibrosis, muscle hypertrophy, inflammation, visible and polarizable pigment, and intraluminal macrophages.