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The peak effective mode indices for x-polarization and y-polarization occur at different wavelengths and classically denote two different resonance wavelengths for these two polarizations.
Each superpixel responds to a certain polarization state of the incident light.
The process of polarization migration mainly involves prestack migration and polarization analysis related to the principal polarization direction, which will be elaborated in the following sections.
These are qualitative differences that drive polarization and violence in Turkish domestic and foreign policy.
In the paper, a DF system using 6 receivable spiral antennas of dual polarization was installed as the figure 6 for the improvement of DF accuracy and receiving sensitivity.
Section 2 demonstrates the design principle and the configurations of two kinds of polarization reconfigurable patch antennas with the perturbation elements on the patch and on the ground.
T] denotes the transmitted waveform polarization, where [gamma] [member of] [0, [pi]/2] is the auxiliary polarization angle and [eta] [member of] [0, [pi]] is the polarization phase difference.
R],t) represent the polarization directions of the transmitting end and the receiving end respectively, and satisfy
The emissivity of an object is a function of the polarization, the dielectric properties of its constituents, its surface roughness, and the angle of observation.
By further using a pair of L-shaped coupling probe feeds placed along the same resonant direction and at symmetric positions with respect to the patch center, some unwanted higher order modes that contribute to polarization impurity can be suppressed.
Epsilon Aurigae's polarization had first been studied during the 1982-84 eclipse, and Dr.
The time-decomposition of polarization has suggested that the decreasing mean incomes relative to the median of the higher income groups and the decreasing within group inequalities of both higher and lower income groups are among the major factors contributing to the change in polarization overtime in Pakistan.