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Case I: System <100> and magnetic field along <100> direction: For model <100> polarization in presence of magnetic field is given as
The polarization current density was calculated from knowledge of the electrode area and through integration the polarization charge was found.
2 The Oil Embargo and Subsequent International Reactions will Lead to the Polarization of Oil Importing Countries
The polarization causes large electric fields at the ferroelectric surface that are responsible for the spontaneous formation of the budding sites, known as "vortex nanodomains.
The DepthQ Polarization Modulator electronically switches the polarization orientation of light passing through it.
v]] is the momentum of the antineutrino; v is the velocity of the electron; a, A, B are the correlation coefficients; [sigma] is the neutron spin; P is the neutron beam polarization.
Bill Yacullo, a business executive from Glenview, Illinois, says he doesn't see polarization causing a crisis in his parish.
The key applications requirement for Bruker BioSpin's new HyperQuant is that the polarization enhancement factor needs to be determined very precisely.
Furukawa's established and proven planar lightwave circuit (PLC) technology has been applied into this new Coherent Mixer now integrated with a Built-in Polarization Mx/Dmx to improve the performance of DP-QPSK transmission.
Light sources with a desirable polarization state are useful for a wide variety of applications.
The use of pulsed neutrons with such a cell has been shown to provide an exceedingly robust determination of the neutron polarization.
NYSE:A) has expanded its fiber-optic test portfolio with six new polarization analysis and control solutions for R&D and manufacturing of optical components and systems.