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In the polarized structure, the machine direction yarns on both the paper side and the roll side are shifted to form an off-stacked structure.
In 2017, Polaroid celebrates its 80th anniversary (1937-2017) as a pioneer in polarized lens technology and a worldwide leader in eye-care and optics.
2, BS and MS are equipped with [+ or -]45[degrees]slanted dual- polarized antennas.
Bush's most polarized years were his fourth through seventh years in office, after the rally in support for him following the Sept.
When sunglasses feature polarized lenses, they block hazardous glare, which not only causes eye strain but also can inhibit a person's ability to see clearly during such activities as driving.
The geometry of proposed dual-band dual-sense circularly polarized Antenna-1 and Antenna-2 are shown in Fig.
Fukusako, "Circularly polarized broadband antenna with circular slot on circular ground plane," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
is the horizontally polarized (or TE) wave unit vector, [?
For most elected presidents, their fourth year in office -- the year all sought re-election -- was the most polarized year of their presidency.
The Lacey features a cotton candy-colored frame matched with coral pink or polarized bronze lenses.
Besides high-quality polarized sunglasses, HaberVision makes polarized anti-fog ski goggles and the patented Eliminator Fan.
In such studies, linearly polarized coherent waves are detected in coda waves by principal component analysis of the spectral matrix.

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