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Bush's and Obama's approval ratings were most polarized along party lines in their fourth years in office -- which has been the case for most presidents because that is the year they seek re-election.
Operating within this context, Obama is on pace to be the president with the most polarized approval ratings in Gallup's polling history, surpassing Bush.
For each sample poled by two polarized methods, the piezoelectric coefficient [d.
Neutrons will be polarized using a nuclear spin polarized helium-3 transmission cell.
We might start by forging a middle course between Michael Warner's and Andrew Sullivan's falsely polarized views on the queer individual in society.
credit rating agency said trends in Japanese food consumption patterns are becoming increasingly polarized, with consumers increasingly looking for products that are either the right price or have added value.
Polarized lenses, on the other hand, block out the light bouncing off horizontal reflective surfaces such as water, the highway, or moisture in the air.
Further, in analysing such a semantic field, it becomes a study in historical semiotics which generates a theoretical contribution to the polarized debates of poststructuralism.
Metallographic examination of graphite in crossed polarized light provides a definitive look at the specimen's microstructure.
Within that polarized model, we were losing our sense of genuine social transformation and were becoming defenders or enforcers of particular positions.
Kaenon Polarized will allow Bloomberg Television, the leading financial network based in New York, an exclusive look inside the company's headquarters and business practices during the second season of The Mentor on Tuesday, November 8 at 9 p.

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