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Two parallel nonpolarized light beams are incident on the polarizers (from the measure and the compensation ways, respectively) of the device D in the spectrophotometer.
From the point of view of energy use, current LCD polarizers are inefficient, the researchers said.
The New Polarizer produces the compensation layer in the form of direct coating, rather than laminated film, on the surface.
The character of the data at B doesn't depend on how the polarizer is set at A, or vice versa," he concludes.
These mechanical polarizers are too slow in responding, Our research aims to create a new type of electrically switchable plasmonic polarizer that operates at much higher speed, explained by him.
Since polarizer is an important critical component of LCD, MCL explained, the structure of the current polarizers has polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film with polarizing function and bonded on both sides with the TAC (triacetyl cellulose) film which is transparent and water-absorbing.
Tiny liquid crystal molecules are sandwiched between the two polarizers, and these crystals can be switched by tiny transistors to act as light valves.
Neutrons first pass through the neutron spin polarizer (P), second the polarized target (T), third the neutron spin analyzer (A), and then are registered by the detector (D).
Polarizers in liquid crystal displays (LCD), are passive devices that control the output of light of the display.
Supermirror polarizers constructed at the Institut Laue-Langevin are used for both polarization and analysis.
In this 2011 edition, focuses are placed on electronics materials and components including polarizers, retardation films, secondary materials for polarizers (e.
The production value of polarizers declined only 0.