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Our experimental setup for polarizing treatments of PVDF films is an electrical furnace equipped with copper electrodes.
PHOTO (Color) ``Lengthening this trial will only prolong and deepen the divisive, bitter and polarizing effect that this sorry affair has visited upon our nation.
The sleek and flexible 3M anti-glare and polarizing desk lamp integrates perfectly into any office environment.
Polarizing filters using gaseous nuclear spin-polarized [.
The moderates of that age were determined to distance their party from the polarizing questions of slavery.
The new film combines Nitto Denko's durable, thin polarizer film and 3M's ultrathin reflective polarizer, branded Vikuiti advanced polarizing film.
A semitransparent mirror is positioned at a bisecting angle between the two monitors that when combined with polarizing glasses, generates the stereo separation.
Using a Trygger Camera Case with a built-in Polarizing Filter makes even better pictures.
The metastability-exchange optical pumping (MEOP) method for polarizing [He.
Polarcor W I D E band polarizing glass maintains superior performance from 1275 to 1635 nanometers.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- A typical twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal display consists of two polarizing filters with their lines arranged perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to each other, which, as described above, would block all light trying to pass through.
Product highlights at OFC include the award-winning, and now more economical, OptiFocus(TM) Lensed Fiber family; a set of improved performance specifications for Polarcor(TM) Polarizing Glass; a new double clad specialty fiber; and a unique fiber bundle which is used to capture and efficiently combine the output from arrays of discrete high power pump lasers into one.