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Rather, and relative to our analysis of the publicity of polemic in Part 2, the claim we advance implies not that critical reason (in its Kantian conception) is valid tout court, but that certain of its elements remain constitutive of modernity, survive its failures, and enable us to evaluate some of those very failures.
The fifth section, "Locating encyclopedic knowledge in the global eighteenth century: a bibliographical essay," is an original bibliographical essay by Brittany Anderson-Cain which serves as a coda to the introduction, and attempts to situate the Masson de Morvilliers polemic within a much larger political, cultural, and epistemological framework.
Up to a certain point, it can be viewed as normal that AKP spokespeople and even Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu would stand up to back Erdoy-an in this polemic. After all, it is Erdoy-an who sits at the center of the power mechanism and in such situations, speaking publicly and backing the president is a measure of one's personal success if one is a ruling party politician.
The editors note that recent scholarship on the history of polemic has characterised it as an early modern phenomenon connected to the Reformation and to the invention of the printing press.
The best way to help is not to add to the noise and heat but to bring in nuance and light; a letter to the editor that is short on specifics but long on polemics does not contribute to solutions, it adds to the problems.
If the polemic shows the dramatic political turn of the religious questions, the evolution of theological discourse is slower and remains subject to structural tensions, as demonstrated in the internal divisions within the Society of Jesus itself.
"There is therefore no reason for a polemic," spokesman Philippe Lalliot stated.
Indian School Wadi Kabir had hosted the prestigious Ambassador's Polemic Challenge 2011- 2012 recently.
In her conclusion to Gendering Disgust in Medieval Religious Polemic, Alexandra Cuffel asks her readers, "What do our bodies and our effluvia really mean to us that we should impose abstract connotations on them signifying both great power and great danger?" (244).
The radical separation from other Jews evident in Qumran's sectarian documents leads him to find polemic against non-Christian Jews in almost every verse of the Apocalypse, even though such conflict is clear in only two of seven cities listed in chapters 2-3.
Both authors explore religious literature published in England during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries: in King's case, the proliferating, protean text of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments, commonly known as the Book of Martyrs; in Lander's a range of works that recuperate the shaping influence of post-Reformation polemic on literary history.
However, the fact that Sala-Molins presents his thesis as a polemic, shorn of academic apparatus, and with little sustained argument and evidence, weakens its effectiveness for scholars today.